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The Martinsburg College Advantage

Martinsburg College has been successfully serving students for over thirty years by providing a highly structured step-by-step distance learning environment. Martinsburg is proud to offer quality online distance learning degree programs to the military community. We serve all branches of the military community including the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, as well as military spouses, veterans,  and the broader military community.

The college focuses on delivering a consistent curriculum to ensure student progress and success. In addition to Martinsburg College’s unique and proactive approach to education, the college also offers the following:


Flexible policies which reflect the college’s understanding of the demands of military service.

Technology Incorporated Distance Education

Martinsburg College provides students with a tablet, on loan, for the duration of their program to facilitate ease and flexibility of student learning. Upon completion of their training, students may choose to purchase the tablet or return it to the college.
In addition, via the online classroom, students can access electronic textbooks, student manuals, the e-reference library, and course materials, and communicate with instructional support staff.

Client Approach to Student Services

Each student is treated as a valued client. Students are provided support from initial enrollment through completion by receiving a detailed orientation, one-week post-orientation follow up, reminder emails prior to coursework and assignment due dates, follow up telephone calls, and the ability to check individual academic progress online at any time.

Support Services

Academic, technical, and student services support available Monday through Saturday. Students can interact using chat rooms, email, and/or telephone.

Academic Quality in Curriculum Development

The Martinsburg Curriculum Development model incorporates experts from various industries who develop course content. The college then collaborates with instructional designers to take the content and put it into a course design which is consistent with the institutional philosophy. This methodology results in a consistent experience for all students.

Career Services

Upon graduation, all students are provided access to a Post-Graduation Plan. This plan is available to students online and includes resume templates, interview skills, specific career-related information, military to civilian job search strategies, and more.