What is a College Certificate Program and why are so many people enrolling in them?

  Over the last several years, college certificates have grown in their popularity and more and more people are choosing to take them. You’ve probably heard of a friend, or two, maybe even three+, that are excitedly beginning their journeys of taking a college certificate program. But why? They all have good reason to, but…
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5 Surprising Benefits of Distance Learning

For many, distance learning can truly be a blessing. It could seem like it’s your only option (or maybe your only good one), though you might still feel on the fence when it comes to making the call official.   Really, though, you deserve to feel one hundred percent about your decision when it comes…
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Success Story Emilee

I have been working for CVS Pharmacy since December, 2015.  They hired me, as a Tech. Intern, because I was enrolled in the Pharmacy Tech Program. I enrolled in the Pharmacy Tech Program because I had already been in the medical field and wanted to continue my education in pharmacy. They said they knew that…
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Industry Partnership Program: Student Outcome

Outcome: This is Martinsburg College’s core focus for our students. Once a student has started a program, our job has just begun. We want every student to finish their program and put what they have learned to use! With that goal in mind, Martinsburg College has developed strategic partnerships with military friendly industry groups and…
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In A Crowded Job Market Accreditation Matters

So here you are, human resource manager for a nationally recognized medical center. You’ve narrowed the selection of your next Medical Office Administrator down to two candidates. Work histories appear almost identical. Both earned their Medical Office Administrator certificate online. Candidate #1 graduated from a fully accredited college, while candidate #2 did not. Which would…
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Summer Fun Bucket List for The Entire Family

It is that time of the year again! The summer sun is calling your name, and it is time to begin daydreaming about barbecues, family vacations and spending long days at your favorite places. The time has come to let loose and enjoy what is arguably the most fun season: summer. Military spouses and Veterans…
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Success Story from Sonya

Martinsburg college has been great with me. From the times when I needed extra assistance because I work full time, to just being there for me to ask questions. The staff was always friendly, helpful, and professional. I had an amazing experience and would highly suggest Martinsburg college to others !! Sonya| Human Resources Management

Success Story from Shay

Student Success Story: I’d like to start off by thanking Shelby Simmons for all her help and very knowledgeable support through this whole school experience. If it hadn’t been for her encouraging me, I honestly would never have gone back to school. The overall experience I had with Martinsburg College was an incredible one. They…
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