Student Achievement Disclosure




DEAC accredited institutions offer a broad array of instructional programs and student support services to meet varied educational and professional goals of a highly diverse student population. Institutions determine appropriate performance criteria to measure the success of their students in achieving their goals in the context of the institution’s specific mission and scope. You will find below (1) a summary of how this institution measures student achievement in the context of the institution’s mission and educational programs, and (2) student achievement metrics which the institution believes best reflect student and program performance. For more information about DEAC standards and requirements, please visit

This information was prepared by Martinsburg College.
and published on its website on April 5, 2023.

Summary of Institution Mission and Student Achievement

Martinsburg College (MC) seeks to provide high quality, relevant, and affordable distance learning programs to individuals who want to improve their personal and professional development and career growth opportunities.
Martinsburg College evaluates student achievement through performance measures including graduation rates, retention rates, and student satisfaction rates.


Aggregated Institutional Data on Student Achievement

In the 2021 cohort, there were 1233 students and 762 students who graduated within 150% of normal time to completion. This represents a graduation rate of 62%. 116 students from this cohort are still actively enrolled in their programs as of March 31, 2023. Graduation rates were calculated within 150% of normal time to completion.