Student Rights and Responsibilities

Understand your right to financial aid information and your responsibilities as a financial aid recipient.

You Have the Right to:

  • Know what financial aid programs are available
  • Know the deadline for submitting applications for each of the programs available
  • Be informed of financial aid policies and procedures
  • Know how your financial eligibility was determined and what resources (such as your income, assets, parental contribution and other resources) were considered in the calculation of need
  • Know what portion of your financial aid must be repaid, and what portion is gift or aid received from work
  • Know how The School determines whether you are making satisfactory academic progress and what the consequences are if you are not
  • Request an explanation of the various programs in your financial aid package

You Have the Responsibility to:

  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Complete all application forms accurately and submit them on time
  • Provide accurate information. Misrepresentation of information on financial aid applications is a violation of federal law and may be a criminal offense
  • Report to The Office of Financial Aid any change in the information used to determine your eligibility, including name, family size, or other financial resources (e.g. scholarships)
  • Return all required documentation in a timely manner
  • Read and understand all required forms and maintain for your records
  • Adhere to all agreements that you sign
  • Notify The Office of Financial Aid immediately if you withdraw from school or reduce enrollment status
  • Read and understand the Financial Aid Policies

If you have any questions please contact the Financial Aid department at: [email protected] or call (304) 263-6262.