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Human Resources Certificate Program

business-woman-smileHuman resource professionals are responsible for overseeing an organization’s employees. In this role, their duties include recruitment, training, assessment, employee benefits and retention programs while ensuring the organization’s compliance with various federal and state employment and labor laws. The Human Resources program provides students with the knowledge, strategies, and competency requirements of a human resources professional. Students will develop skills in professionalism, communication, workforce management, and ethics. Concepts and strategies for leadership, relationship management, critical evaluation, team building, and working with virtual teams will also be explored. The program length is 32 weeks.

In addition, students will gain insight into the world of lean thinking and practice, Six Sigma and the DMAIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control method. Understanding Six Sigma is essential for HR professionals in working as part of the team in building an effective workforce and improving internal processes. In addition, the program focuses on developing skills in professionalism, communication, and ethics.

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The Certificate in Human Resources program provides students with the skills necessary to:

  • List the structure and function of the HR department in supporting corporate strategy
  • Summarize effective employee recruitment, engagement, and retention strategies
  • Describe key employment laws and regulations that affect HR
  • Define the principles of business process improvement, its methodology, and the relationship to HR
  • Discuss the importance of professional communication and interpersonal skills for HR professionals
  • Compare and contrast management styles
  • Discuss the value of performance reviews and employee engagement

Completion: Students must successfully complete 18 semester credit hours to earn a Certificate in Human Resources.

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Certificate in Human Resources Certificate Program – Topics Include:

Human Resources Fundamentals

Key business and HR Strategies

Job Analysis

Compensation Structure

Recruiting Techniques and Selection Methods

Employee Engagement

Disciplinary Issues and Resolutions

Leadership and Ethical Practice

Business Acumen

Relationship Management

Workforce Management

Leveraging Technology and Data Management

Response Processes

Organizational Effectiveness and Development

Global HR

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Team Basics

Quality Tools and Metrics

DMAIC method

Personal Accountability

Emotional Intelligence

Professional Networking

Conflict Resolution

Motivating Employees

Creating Vision

Leading Through Positive Influence

Building Innovative Cultures

Leading Virtual Teams