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Human Resources Certificate Program Course Summaries

Please see below for summaries of each course within the Human Resources Certificate Program

BUS203 Human Resources Management I 3 credits
In this course, students will define human resources, understand the structure of the HR function within an organization, explore the key competency requirements of HR, including leadership and ethical practice, business acumen and relationship management, consultation and critical evaluation, global and cultural effectiveness, and communication. The course covers the steps in corporate social responsibility and HR’s role and responsibilities in the implementation of a corporate code of conduct as well as employment laws and regulations.
BUS210 Human Resources Management II 3 credits
In this course, the fundamentals of communicating effectively as an HR practitioner are explored. The course covers strategies for conducting a job analysis, ensuring an equitable compensation structure and implementing a total rewards program. Students will analyze the broad impact of employee engagement on the bottom line and the business value of measuring and implementing strategies that focus on fostering a culture of engagement. Employee relations, employment regulations, and behavioral and disciplinary issues and resolutions are explored. Finally, the importance of HR’s role in labor relations, working with unions, and the collective bargaining process is reviewed.
BUS220 Human Resources Management III 3 credits
This course will provide a broad overview of HR functional core responsibilities. Students will begin with a study of workforce management coupled with identifying HR’s role in leveraging technology and data management. They will learn to recognize potential risks and the response process associated with HR activities. Through discussions, activities and online exploration students will also identify key HR responsibilities related to organizational effectiveness and development as well as key business and HR strategies. The course will conclude with a study of global HR and provide students with an understanding of the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
BUS230 Introduction to Business Process Improvement 3 credits
In this course, concepts of process management are explored. The course covers the foundations and principles of process improvement, team basics, roles, and responsibilities, as well as quality tools and metrics used. In addition, an introduction to each stage of the DMAIC method is covered.
BUS105 Business Professionalism 3 credits
The course examines several areas that fall under the category of Business Professionalism. Students will review the importance of goal setting and time management, the principles of business etiquette, and strategies for conducting themselves professionally. The course covers personal accountability and developing a personal accountability framework, developing emotional intelligence, professional networking and cultivating peer relationships, and dealing with conflict situations.
BUS204 Business Management 3 credits
This course focuses on the development of leadership skills and building effective and functional teams. The course covers strategies for motivating employees, communicating vision, and leading through positive influence. The course will review concepts for leveraging leadership techniques such as building innovation cultures, leading teams through change, building a leadership development plan, and aligning unit goals and imperatives. The course explores strategies for creating a positive atmosphere and becoming an inspirational leader. The course also covers women in leadership, leading virtual teams, developing business acumen, and gaining insight through organizational awareness. Strategies for optimizing performance on a team and leveraging team leadership skills will also be reviewed.